31 May 2019

Five things modern offices can learn from the hospitality trade.

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Our Founder Jeremy Dixon wants to promote workplace wellbeing and happiness at work. And with the launch of our new Scottish co-working space, he’s going back to his hospitality roots to build a new style of office for the modern day.

The two sectors I have the most experience in my business career are commercial property and hospitality. I’ve been involved with my family business providing fine food and drink to some of Scotland’s top hotels and restaurants, as well as forging a role in the commercial property sector as an Investment Surveyor and most recently with the landmark office building, Dundee One. When I was developing the idea for a co-working space on Dundee One’s top floor, it struck me that, in creating an office for the modern worker, the expertise I have in hospitality should be the inspiration.

Jute & Co has all the high spec, superfast tech and facilities you would expect from such a premium grade A office location. It’s the insight gleaned from delighting customers in the hospitality trade that has shaped my vision as the project has developed. People want to enjoy their working day and to inspire and motivate staff with their environment – and there’s no better place to look than great hotels, bars and restaurants for ideas to create a brilliant place to spend your day. For me, the top five areas to focus on are:

  1. Great light: we are blessed with a lot of natural light at Jute & Co and we’ve created an outdoor terrace. That connection to the world outside makes all the difference to the office experience and atmosphere.
  2. A room with a view: most people spend a lot of time looking at their screen, but to be able to look up and out over an inspiring landscape – in our case the River Tay – is a real bonus. Looking inwards, we’re bringing some interesting art from one of DJCAD’s most promising students into the building to ensure the walls are just as visually stimulating.
  3. Ergonomic design: We want people to feel relaxed, comfortable and at home in our new space so the focus has been on great design throughout – plus use of vibrant colours and interesting textures and furnishings.
  4. Community: Just like a great bar or restaurant, it’s the people and the atmosphere that make an office enjoyable. Building a great community of people is what we’re aiming to do. We have relaxing breakout spaces, a program of interesting events and great coffee to help that along.
  5. Customer service: nice people and good service make all the difference in any industry. Office reception staff and managers should be aiming to go above and beyond.